Poem 6: The Quiet Mountain

There was a quiet Mountain way high among the clouds, where once the thunderbolt and rain had said their sacred vows. The land that bore this Mountain had many times been blessed by gods from every sacred script at Nature’s own behest. In time, there wandered people who, by Her beauty bound, decided that they’d … Continue reading Poem 6: The Quiet Mountain


A Response to Mr. Derek O’Brien, and the Trina Mool Congress.

Sir, I’ve been a personal fan of yours since I was a kid. I remember I’d see you on TV hosting your quiz show and dream about making it there myself someday. My grandmother used to buy me your books when I was a child and tell me that reading them would make me smart … Continue reading A Response to Mr. Derek O’Brien, and the Trina Mool Congress.

Poem 5

Here’s an ode to meaningless diction that holds no weight for lovers of rhyme, or frail but labyrinthian fiction, whose grand uncertainties adorn their time. My ruminations cause amusement as I am led to face a fact: Words unworthy of employment glide through centuries, intact. Humankind! Open your eyes! Thy hard-drive’s brimming full with junk. … Continue reading Poem 5

My Blog is Starving…

So here's  2 (of 6) parts of a class assignment I did 2.5 months ago. This has been my favourite homework of all time. What we did was pick a character from a list of plays, and construct an introduction for the character, in the character's own manner of speech (Our prof called it "acting-on-paper"). And also talk about … Continue reading My Blog is Starving…