So I Need to Tell You to Stay a Punk in… like… an ‘Official’ Way…

Throughout history, progress made through deviation from the norm has been a constant phenomenon. The discovery of electromagnetic waves, the invention of the steam engine, or speaking of social causes, the abolition of practices like ‘sati’ (in India), the granting of voting rights to women – these were all major steps in the scientific and social evolution of mankind brought about by people who were not afraid to think radically. They advocated their views to the common masses, and even though everyone of them faced almost unanimous disapproval at first, the world accepted their ideals eventually because they were necessary for our society’s improvement. Taking such facts into consideration, my opinion on the topic “The society should stop ridiculing the new.”, can only be affirmative of it.

Free-thinkers are a strange breed of people. Often, they are tagged ‘mad’ or ‘queer’ or ‘nonsensical’. The human society prizes every achievement it makes along its course as a society, and tends to cling on to every milestone that it reaches in the course of its own advancement. Therefore, it resists any change that threatens to come about, whether progressive or regressive. This leads to the ostracizing of the most important people of the society – the free-thinkers. They are the only ones who see the flaws our society has and they point it out, but people reject those ideas because, subconsciously or otherwise, they don’t want to make the psychological effort to get accustomed to the new “right”. Another reason for this is that most people have their way of thinking irreversibly conditioned to support a certain set of rules and ideas; the agents for this are numerous – orthodox family set-ups, the televsion, social media to name a few. This leads to a comfortable mental stagnation that refuses to accommodate any change, thereby, refusing to evolve. The existence of terrorist enterprises, like the Taliban, is proof that this phenomenon can lead to catastrophic consequences.

I believe that we, humans, as a society would proceed much faster if only we allowed the free-thinkers in our midst voice their thoughts and paid heed to their suggestions for the betterment of our own selves as a sentient race.

PS: I know the ending is really abrupt, but this is an essay that I HAD to finish in 25 minutes, so I had to force it to end. Didn’t have the time to gradually, properly cool down into a conclusion. I wrote this for an online practise session of the SAT exam. It ended up being something I wanted to share because I whole-heartedly support the views I’ve presented here. So I did. Thank you for reading :]


One thought on “So I Need to Tell You to Stay a Punk in… like… an ‘Official’ Way…

  1. Good writing Sherab…and done in only 25 minutes?? Think of the possibilities if only you had an hour!! Yes indeed if only free thinkers ruled the world…what a glorious place it would be….. 🙂


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