10 Things You Just Don’t Tell a Hermonite

1. “What holds on tight
With all his might
To past glory?
A Hermonite!!”

2. “You come last in cricket. In football. In swimming. In fests. Even in academics… What’s your secret?”

3. “No seriously. What’s your secret? Are you guys like secretly keeping up your losing streak cuz you’ve figured that’s the only record you’re capable of holding? Because that’s actually kinda smart.”

4. “Of all the Anglo schools in Darjeeling, you guys really did have the laziest architect. All he made was literally just a huge granite box.”

5. “Ghanta Nepali bolnu jaandainas hunu nasakeko Phirangi?!”

6. “Whoa! I just realized you guys are just The Central School for Tibetans: Level 2 Unlocked !!!” 😀

7. “So since all you get now are rejects from the other 3 Anglo schools, why don’t people know you as the Academic Trashcan of the Hills yet?”

8. “Legend has it that Hermonites actually used to be classy.”

9. “Oouuuuhhkkaayyy… All of those advertisement banners all over town didn’t work. Now don’t say Plan B is commercials on Hamro Channel.”

10. “I’m poor. Can we still date?”

PS: Some of my best friends are Hermonites. So if they can tell I’m only poking a little fun at them, they’re the awesomer Hermonites. If you’re offended, stop being offended. And start being amused instead. Cuz that was my plan. Or return this favour. I promise I’ll try to be offended.


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