On Love, Death, and Cannabis

And in that moment, everything seemed right. It was a fruitful life to have culminated into that one colossal second. The serenity was greater than any reward of mere finite value, purer than the dews of twilight, sweeter than a victory over the Goliath, stronger than the rage of nations, frailer than a spider’s masterpiece, softer than sunlight, harsher than fire, and more beautiful than the symphony of a hundred minstrelling agents in Mother Nature’s employ.

In that one moment, I was free. And I was as captivated as I was free. God’s word, if the lores be true, will forever be testimony to the reaching of such a zenith of glory, by a mortal. No force could move me. No mountain could stop me. All the world’s barriers melted under the oppressively generous warmth of peace.

All I saw was everything. All I loved was everything. All I fathomed was everything. All I was was everything.

Solitude and company were no longer different states; no longer disease and cure. Tranquillity reached an absolution which was past any point of return.
My existence didn’t require a validated reason any longer; all the events of my life until then provided a point to my being. All the sacrifices I had ever made were undone. All I had ever suffered was soothed away, and all I had ever inflicted was forgiven.
And all entities of the universe resonated with a harmony of unsurpassable divinity.


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