Isn’t It a Wonder…

1. that everybody inside a black driver’s cab is against racism?

2. that every few years, we rejoice over being given a chance to vote for a brand new dickhole to completely fuck us up?

3. that no woman is a feminist in the bedroom?

4. that no man is accused of being “like dogs” in the bedroom?

5. how having one billion dollars is just a storage of the value of everything you’ll eventually never buy?

6. how the previous fact kinda makes people who’ve worked their whole lives amassing a frickin’ huge fortune look kinda stupid? Unless they donate, cuz that’s the only escape valve they have left to keep themselves from looking like complete retards who have absolutely no fucking idea what they’re working so hard for.

7. that every single person in the world thinks they are different?

8. that every single person is thereby, ironically, right in thinking everyone else is the same?

9. that chivalry might actually be taken as a serious offence by Amazonian women?

10. that situations regarding #3 are probably different in Amazonian bedrooms?

11. that you and I are not even sure if Amazonians have bedrooms?

12. how the only place atheists literally scream for God is the bedroom?

13. how God still won’t let them into heaven? UNLESS they ate only Vegan on Tuesdays… Then they’re covered. No matter what. Lord Vishnu will convince St. Peter to open the gates.

14. how God’s stern insistence (that kinda verges on megalomaniacal obsession) on being sung praises to unless we want him unleashing hell on earth, makes it seem like he was terribly bullied by the cooler kids in high-school to the point where he might even have contemplated suicide?

15. that maybe the God-guy did commit suicide and hell actually is, currently, loose upon the earth?

16. how you’re already thinking all my words are insulting YOUR God of all the thousands out there, you ignorant, self-obsessed motherfucker?

17. how God is probably a China government enterprise, considering how many fake people he’s created all over the planet?

18. how Canada isn’t the largest state of America yet? I mean, why, America? Canada is so deliciously close and invadable. Moreover, their northern territories have oil too now. Ooohh… Tempting, raaaaiight??

19. that “Canadian asshole” isn’t an Oxford-certified oxymoron yet?

20. how the black cab driver is so smart he has, by now, figured that all his passengers are racists just by sensing the vibes of their extremely sensitive caution in avoiding racial slurs?


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