My Blog is Starving…

So here's  2 (of 6) parts of a class assignment I did 2.5 months ago. This has been my favourite homework of all time. What we did was pick a character from a list of plays, and construct an introduction for the character, in the character's own manner of speech (Our prof called it "acting-on-paper"). And also talk about … Continue reading My Blog is Starving…



She sits down on her usual bench, even though the wood is still damp owing to the the morning downpour. Instinctively, her hands make their way inside the pocket of her hooded sweatshirt the next second, and find out that she's out of cigarettes. She looks at the pigeons perched along the edges of the tin roofs … Continue reading Sunset

On Love, Death, and Cannabis

And in that moment, everything seemed right. It was a fruitful life to have culminated into that one colossal second. The serenity was greater than any reward of mere finite value, purer than the dews of twilight, sweeter than a victory over the Goliath, stronger than the rage of nations, frailer than a spider's masterpiece, … Continue reading On Love, Death, and Cannabis