Poem 3

  I put myself on foreign land in search of Travellers’ Gold; but faces there, all fresh, but bland, turned my elation cold. The boundaries all seemed to heed were of visage and speech — ’Twas arduous, thus, to proceed and isolation breach. One’s countenance does not decide the order of their heart. Have not [...]


So I’m 19 and Just Sitting at Home… Unemployed…

That's a sad thought. One that instigates a sense of pity within the ones who are aware that I was led to my current status through my own decisions. Some (i.e. all of my family and nosy relatives) IRREVOCABLY think I was stupid and wrong to drop engineering hardly two months into the course, and [...]

So I Finally Have To Go To College … Feels Weird …

And that brings about a strange blend of emotions in me. Yes I'm obviously happy. Happy I'm getting out of this (beautiful but undeniably) small and overrated town and getting to go another place, and hopefully that's a good thing. None of us have escaped the overused examples of what good getting out of our [...]