Poem 5

Here’s an ode to meaningless diction that holds no weight for lovers of rhyme, or frail but labyrinthian fiction, whose grand uncertainties adorn their time. My ruminations cause amusement as I am led to face a fact: Words unworthy of employment glide through centuries, intact. Humankind! Open your eyes! Thy hard-drive’s brimming full with junk. … Continue reading Poem 5


Poem 4

  The swaying trees retain their peace— The streets remain unchanged… This town, though, is in jeopardy methodically arranged. The faction sworn to set us free from a foreign scourge is one enthralling fallacy of which our minds need purge. How long until we comprehend how they have chained our thoughts, and that, until we … Continue reading Poem 4

Poem 3

  I put myself on foreign land in search of Travellers’ Gold; but faces there, all fresh, but bland, turned my elation cold. The boundaries all seemed to heed were of visage and speech — ’Twas arduous, thus, to proceed and isolation breach. One’s countenance does not decide the order of their heart. Have not … Continue reading Poem 3

Candidly Christ: If the Bible was a Comic Verse (or Poem 2)

When God made a plan To send us a man To clear all our records of evil and greed, He meant for that man To be His Son, and Defeat the schemes of all those filled with deceit. Thus, God's desperate measures Cancelled all the pleasures That Joseph was entitled to from his marriage, For … Continue reading Candidly Christ: If the Bible was a Comic Verse (or Poem 2)