10 Things You Just Don’t REFRAIN FROM Telling a Paulite

1. "No swimming pool? HAH !! You're OFFICIALLY underprivileged !!!" 2. "You guys wear woolen blazers with cardigans even during fuckin' SUMMER ?! HAH !! You're OFFICIALLY aliens !!!" 3. "Y'all homies can't handle bigger 'BALLS' must be why y'all play only your goddamn cricket." 4. "So what you're saying is, your only real uniqueness [...]


10 Things You Just Don’t Tell a Hermonite

1. "What holds on tight With all his might To past glory? A Hermonite!!" 2. "You come last in cricket. In football. In swimming. In fests. Even in academics... What's your secret?" 3. "No seriously. What's your secret? Are you guys like secretly keeping up your losing streak cuz you've figured that's the only record [...]

10 Things You Just Don’t Tell an LC-ite

1. "Why are you called 'LC-ites'? Why not 'Conventines', or 'Supposedly-Nun-Like', or 'Loretotes', or 'Loretites', or 'Loretights', or 'Lord! Tight!' ?" 2. "Mount Hermon girls are waaayyyy classier and prettier." 3. "Mount Hermon girls are waaayyyy..." 4. "Mount Hermon girls..." 5. "You're not blue. You're not white. And you sure as hell ain't dynamite. Cuz [...]